Clean Sky Energies has established long term relationships with dozens of developers and installers across the country. These clients rely on Clean Sky Energies to provide them with sound advice on the best financier(s) to help them bring their projects to fruition. We must guide them through important qualifying concerns regarding:
  • State location – which financier has significant experience in funding projects in any given state and understands the local incentive programs.
  • Project type – which financier is best suited to fund projects for municipalities, community solar, C&I, non -profits, or small utility scale projects.
  • Project size – which financier is best qualified to fund projects below 1MW, or greater than 25 MWs, which financier is best to fund large multi-state or in-state portfolios.
  • Project timing – at any given time a financier may be too busy to focus on my client’s project. They may closing on multiple projects or a large portfolio and don’t have time to fund a current project. Alternative financier choices must be identified.
  • Project risk – Some projects carry a greater risk of success, especially in early development. Clean Sky Energies must identify those financiers that support pre-NTP project development and are willing to take some risk in providing development capital for qualified projects or portfolios.

    Many developers & installers look for development capital support that will enable them to further their projects viability and ultimately reach NTP.

    This support can include:
  • Site surveys costs
  • Engineering & design fees
  • Interconnection fee deposits
  • Permitting fees
  • Product purchases - leveraging a financiers contacts and leverage on quantity purchasing power
  • Competitive pricing – It should be assumed that my established clients will be seeking completive offers from more than one financier.

  • If you are an experienced financier and interested in working with Clean Sky Energies to finance our client’s solar projects:
    • Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
    • Solar project or portfolio development capital (pre-NTP) leading to;
    • Solar project or portfolio acquisition at NTP

    Then please contact us today.
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