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Services for developers

Solar Project Financing and Design

Clean Sky Energies offers Developers & Installers the full capital stack needed to fund their solar projects & portfolios. Our funds acquire projects at NTP and often at pre NTP, offering development capital, takeout capital and construction financing.

Clean Sky Energies represents several experienced financiers and funds looking to acquire solar projects and portfolios throughout the U.S., ranging in size from 1MW - 100 MW +.We can also help with development costs and or interconnection fees. We do interact with a wide variety of EPC’s and developers across the country that work on various types and sizes of projects. The multiple funds at our disposal allow us to identify which funding teams are most experienced for a particular type of solar project or project portfolio in any given state.

The Solar Project Types can Include:

  • Municipalities / Schools
  • Community Solar
  • Non-Profits
  • Religious Institutions
  • Small & large utility
  • C&I
Project Financing Essentials

Funding Checklists

Early Project Development Funding

Early Project Development Funding

Steps for Securing NTP Funding”

Steps for Securing NTP Funding”

Other Items Typically Required

Other Items Typically Required

Checklist outlining additional items required for funding

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Who We Are

An Experienced Team of Experts Working For You

Clean Sky Energies is fully committed to our clients, our partners and our community. We’re on a mission to revolutionize energy with simple, powerful solar financing and design solutions.
Mission And Vision

It is our mission to contribute to a cleaner, safer, and healthier world.
We believe that solar and other renewables are an investment in our future, empowering the pursuit of self-reliance, independence, and sustainable living.

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